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Date: Mon Jan 26 1998 - 12:30:26 CST

Thanks everybody for your prompt answers.
The original question is at the end of this mail.

Most of you suggested to use HP jetadmintool.
I tried this before sending my posting, but jetadmintool works only for
network printer. When you try to define a printer from the menu, there
is no way to reference a locally attached printer, because the program
is asking for an IP address or a name corresponding to an IP address.

The problem was that with the default interfase provided with Solaris
managing the printing of files, the files got printed
wrong (no end of line, no end of file).

The right answer came from Bismark Espinosa, who suggested to look at
This files is created when jetadmintool is installed, but this is the
only file
needed. I just copied it from a second machine where jetadmintool was

After that, you should run the command:
lpadmin -p printername -i /usr/lib/lp/model/netlj4x
to set the printer interfase to this program,
and it starts working.

Thanks again to all the repliers:

Venkat D <>
Cathy Smith <>
David Wolfskill <>
Mohmmad S. Alshmri <>
Bismark Espinosa <bismark@alta.Jpl.Nasa.Gov>
Robert Glover <>

Best regards to everybody


> Hi,sun
> We have an HP 4V printer, and we are still waiting for the postscript
> Simm
> and the network card.
> In the meantime, I want to connect the printer locally to a Sun machine
> running solaris 2.5.1 and print simple ascii files.
> What I did was to define the machine as of type HP printer in the
> admintool.
> However, it doesn't recognize the end of lines and end of file.
> If I run unix2dos on the file to print, the end of line is OK, but the
> end of file
> is still not recognized.
> It seems that this is a filter related problem, and that I need a filter
> to convert
> this ascii file to the format expected by the printer. How do I do that,
> from the
> very beginning (this is my first experience with filter needs).
> Is there a filter already provided with the os, do I have to download it
> from
> HP?
> All suggestions will be welcomed.
> Thanks to everybody in advance


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