SUMMARY: Mail looping/MX record points back to itself

From: Kathy Kost (
Date: Fri Jan 23 1998 - 21:18:41 CST

Hello everyone,

Here's the summary on my original post was about a mail looping or MX
record points back to itself problem that turned into a recursion problem
everytime I tried to fix the looping:

> The problem I'm having is getting sendmail to recognize that when you
> send email from that host to, that is a local
> address. Instead, it goes off and gets into a mail loop, saying either
> MX records points back to itself or mail loops back to itself.

I want to thank everyone below for answering my plea for help. If
I forgot anyone else, I apologize:

Jochen Bern <>
Joel Turoff <>
Sweth Chandramouli <>
A Space Oditty <>
Joseph S D Yao <>
Jim Lewinson <>
David Wolfskill <>
Dan Simoes <>

It turns out that the mail looping was caused by having local email
aliases in my /etc/virtusertable as well as the /etc/aliases database.
Before I discovered this, any attempt tto make the server host recognize
that was a local address was thwarted. If I put it in
Cw or I'd get nasty recursion errors. It was only when I
started fresh with a file that didn't use virtusertable
that I figured out the problem. I'm still not completely sure why those
local addresses don't work in the virtusertable, but I haven't had time
to take a look more closely.


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