SUMMARY: How to add developer's support for 2.6

From: Joel Turoff (
Date: Fri Jan 23 1998 - 08:40:07 CST


Many thanks to those who responded to my post:

Tom Erickson
Scott F. Woods
Francois Leclerc
Venkat D
Fischer Jens
Brion Leary

The important man pages are:

First, the relevant man pages for this problem:


There were several good suggestions, ranging from a complete reinstall (not
practical in this particular case) to using pkgadd or admintool to add the
specific packages. One person thought that admintool had a single option
to add all of the packages for developer support but I could not find this
option. Instead, I used admintool to add each package individually until I
had all of the tools, headers, etc. needed to compile programs.

One excellent piece of advice was to check the root of the cdrom with ls -l
to find two text files called .packagetoc and .clustertoc which describe
packages & clusters contents. These can then be added manually. While I
didn't take this route, it was *very* good to learn about the existence of
these files!

Thanks again!


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