SUMMARY: Printing PCL format files - UPDATE

From: Cathy Smith (
Date: Wed Jan 21 1998 - 11:30:53 CST


i thought i'd post this last piece of information i received from HP concerning
printing PCL format files. my original problem was PCL files that contained
the escape sequence "^[E" did not print correctly when sent to the LaserJet 5
Si MX.

the problem is not with the 5 Si, but with the JetDirect card. HP said the
card runs an lpdaemon. when that daemon is contacted, it tells the printer
unix ascii print is coming. the first command that the printer processes is
"^[E" which resets the printer. after that, the printer is confused and no
longer knows how to process the request. on the client side, the HP model
script/print filters pass the "^[E" because it is a valid PCL sequence. the
bottom line is that the jet direct card does not support that particular PCL

HP's recommended solution is to edit each file manually before printing.

thanks for all your help.


Cathy L. Smith
Dallas Semiconductor

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