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Date: Tue Jan 20 1998 - 13:23:40 CST

  Thanks for all the replies. I now have added the disk drive
  and I'm using it.

-----Original Question-----

  I have searched the Solaris AnswerBook library, the sun-managers list
  and the achive for the list, but can not find the answer to the following:

  I have added a new disk drive to one of my SCSI chains, but can not reboot
  the system at this time, maybe in a week or two. What I want to know, is
  there a way to let the OS know about the added drive with out having to
  shutdown the system and doing a boot -r. I have seen this done, but can
  not remember the commands or command sequence to do this.

  Thanks, and will summarize,



Most everyone told me the same thing:

    prompt# /usr/sbin/drvconfig
    prompt# /usr/sbin/devlinks
    prompt# /usr/sbin/disks # or /usr/sbin/tapes for tapes
    prompt# /usr/ucb/ucblinks # Compatibility links


Look at the command "disks" in man pages.

The FAQ itself can be found at


The most recently posted version of the FAQ is available from <>

Thanks to the following and sorry if I missed anyone.

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