SUMMARY: Re: Cant deduct msgbuf from memory... =NO Boot!

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Date: Tue Jan 20 1998 - 08:37:37 CST

Many thanks to
Tim Newman <
Daniel Ellis <
For the rapid reply to the esoteric question!

The Fix was that the SS10 needs to have one simm in the rear most
I had on in the fore most slot and one in the middle.
Moving one simm to the rear solved the msgbuf error.

original question:

>> Hello all,
>> I have a SS10 that refuses to boot.
>> At first it failed at the point where it was performing
>> the nfs mounts. Then the unit gets to the point where it starts to boot
>> from the local SCSI drive, and then yields the message:
>> "Can't deduct msgbuf from physical memory list
>> Program Terminated"
>> the boot process then grinds to a halt.
>> I tried the test memory, and test /memory,
>> which twice gave an error(bad location?), but I have been unable to
>> get the event to repeat.
>> I've reseated all the cables and cards internally,
>> and tried all types of combinations with the 2 simms inside.(
>> (also trying with one simm at a time)
>> Any help would be Very Much Appreciated!

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