SUMMARY: Sendmail v8.8.8 and Bind v8.1.1 compilation problems

From: Kathy Kost (
Date: Sun Jan 18 1998 - 12:56:20 CST

I recently posted a question about problems compiling sendmail v8
with bind v8. Here's the original post:

Part 1:
I can't get sendmail to compile with
-lbind because it complains about a bunch of undefined symbols,
_res_init being an example of one. If I compile with
(-lresolv) it works fine. ... more verbage deleted...

Part 2:
I can compile makemap either with -lresolv or -lbind defined. With -lbind,
the makemap binary is much larger as expected. What are the implications
of using a makemap built on -lbind but using a sendmail built on -lresolv???

Thanks to Claus Assmann < for his eagle
eyes. It turns out my problem was a simple typo that oddly enough, I
couldn't see. Turns out the Bind v8 version of resolv.h wasn't being
seen and the reason was because the stupid font on my xterm was showing
-I to be -l. Thus I was dreaming up all kinds of weird reasons for it
not to be working when in reality it was a simple typo. When I cut and
pasted my INCDIR to Claus, he saw it really as:

INCDIRS=-I/usr/local/include -l/usr/local/bind/include

where as I saw it as:

INCDIRS=-l/usr/local/include -l/usr/local/bind/include

Guess it proves never to believe what you see on your screen. :-) I
feel better and feel like an idiot all at the same time!

On Part 2 of my question, Claus pointed out that makemap doesn't require
DNS support built in, so I built it without either -lbind or -lresolv
and it compiled just fine.


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