Semi-SUMMARY: Cannot determine current directory

From: Kevin Colagio (
Date: Fri Jan 16 1998 - 08:45:24 CST

The original question was about getting the current directory (using pwd)
when I connect to a system. Usually it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I got many responses which boiled down to these suggestions:

1) make sure that the mount point under the automount process has the
correct permissions...
        Checked it and it does...

2) make sure that the resources are shared properly...
        Checked and they are... (side note, no problem on other systems)

3) use automount to re-read the tables (instead of running 'autofs stop ;
autofs start'). Make sure to set the umask to 022 before running
        Tried this and there was no difference.
4) there was one bit of feedback that came from Colin Wynne that I have
not tried (in full) yet. Here is what he sent me...

Are the affected directories NFS- or automounted?  I had this problem
recur frequently for quite a while, and it turned out to be a time
synchronization problem which messed up all the secure RPC
authentication.  After I installed xntpd (the time daemon) and
forcibly synced all my machines, the problem went away.  Two things I
noticed which were indicative of this problem (or at least correlated
to it...) were (1) keyserver errors in the logs about inability to
authenticate properly, and (2) failure of the getcwd() system call.
The getcwd(3c) manpage includes the little bit o' code

I tried that code from the man page and get a "permission denied" error.

If xntpd does fix the problem, I will let everyone know if I have any other luck. I will of course pass along any other thoughts or ideas that come in.



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