SUMMARY:ARP/RARP timeout(part2)

From: Jason Harrell (
Date: Fri Jan 09 1998 - 15:46:48 CST

It turns out that the reason I could get past the initialization of the
Ethernet interface is because the eprom variable "diag-switch" was set
to true. Setting the variable to false fixed the boot problem. thanks
to all those who responded. I really apprecate it.



Original message

Pleae guys, I told him to check the "boot-device" variable in the
eprom. That's not it. It's set to disk. I'm having him boot OS from
the CD in single user mode and mount the root disk and check the /etc
for hostname.le0. It's just a shot in the dark but it's like this file
doesn't exist. Well, if anyone has had this experience or has any
suggestions lemme know.

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