SUMMARY - Printing from th veritas volume mgr GUI

Date: Tue Jan 06 1998 - 10:28:24 CST

The general consensus for this issue was to use various screen captures.
Many of you responded with various vxprint suggestions. But I was looking for
a graphical solution. I listed the (graphical) solutions below.

Thanks to the respondents (too numerous to list them all.
Extra thanks to:

Original Post:

> Fellow Sun Managers,
> "I have an Informix DBA here who wants to reorganize and tune out
> database. He's asked me for a list of pathnames that correspond to the
> drives in the arrays. The graphical interface (v2.1) shows that real
> well, but short of using screen capture there doesn't seem to be any way
> of printing. I could use the command line if I have to, but I'd prefer
> the graphical side since it's so nicely presented. Any ideas? "

Use /usr/openwin/bin/snapshot

Try "snapshot" off of the "Programs" menu, then print it to a
postscript printer.
As to the picture, I used screen prints. I agree that it is not an easy way.

"pretty savvy..."

I don't know if there's a built-in way to print from vxva so I'd suggest
something like:
     get your disk display on the screen
     bring up a cmd line that doesn't obscure vxva and run:
     xwd|xpr -device ljet -density 600 -gray 4|lp -dlaserjet_prtr
     click on the window you want to print
You'll probably need to tweak some of the settings I suggested for xpr since
I'm just guessing at what might be good for a later model HP laserjet.

I use vxprint on the command line, but you could use xwd to dump the vxva
screen to a raster file.

A very kind fellow has made available a TCl/Tk script to do this. It's
located at:

His web page is

You might also want to try posting the message to the ssa-managers list.
Check the web page at

for information.

 I don't know much about Veritas VM. But if a window snapshot is OK with you,
you can use xwd and xpr to capture and print the contents of a window.

... you can always do a screen dump from an X window. xv (and a
number of programs) can do this for you.

I beleive xv will even allow you to save the dump as a gif or jpg and you
could put it into a web page for him.

You may try to use the Snapshot tool, which is available in
Openwin and CDE. My users always use it to capture images
from the screen and print them to HP color printers.
Good luck.

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