SUMARRY: floppy woes

From: Jason L. Harrell (
Date: Mon Dec 29 1997 - 10:57:11 CST

Figured it out. Thanks "Charlie Mengler <>"!

What I did was put ro instead of rw in the seventh field and it worked
just fine. Thanks!


My orig. post:

> Trying to mount floppy drive on sparc10 running Solaris 2.4 and not
> having much success. I've been able to mount it in the past but for
> some reason today is not my day. In my vfstab file I have the enry:
> /dev/diskette - /pcfs pcfs - no rw
> Whenever I do a mount /pcfs I get "mount: File system read-only" and it
> doesn't mount it. I did a fuser -u /pcfs to see if any processes were
> 'cded' in there or accessing it but there was not. Can anyone help me
> figure this out? I know it's really simple but . . .
> Jason
> P.S. would it be possible that I have exceeded the limit of mounted file
> systems? Just a shot in the dark idea.


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