SUMMARY ghostscript

From: Roger D McGraw (
Date: Fri Dec 19 1997 - 09:04:13 CST

Ghostscipt binaries can be retreived from:
    I have not seen a binary for the latest(5.10) but Version 4.03 can be had at:-
     Check out below site for Ghostscript is pkgadd format.

I was able to install ghostscript without any problems. (By the way I am not a
system Admin, Im an engineer who wants to be able to print out his email in
Netscape, and who works with a company who GET THIS: HAS NO SYSTEM ADMIN...)

I do not have any time really to devote to figuring this program out...and it
looks like it is pretty complex. I have solaris 2.5, a HP deskjet 670 (parallel)
Can someone tell me in a nutshell how to set it up as a print filter, so I can
 get on with my work? (It seems useless for me to spend hours rummaging through
these help files too sift out what many of you already know..)

Also I have received many emails from others who wanted a copy of the binaries.
Thjey all asked me to send them a copy of what I find out.
I am sure they probably will also find this usefull so I will summarize these
 answers also.

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