SUMMARY: RE: How to let users print unix output on their PC printers?

From: Super-User (
Date: Wed Dec 17 1997 - 08:59:15 CST

Many thanx to all who responded, namely:

Boyko, Steve
Jason L. Harrell
Artur Shnayder
Mark A. Faust
Stefan Voss
Matthew Stier
Eugene Kramer
Joseph S D Yao
Craig W. Shaver
Liz Marlow
Mark 'Hex' Hershberger
David Thorburn-Gundlach
Dave Teo

Sorry about the delay. I had to exchange private mail to clarify a
few things before I summarize.

The original questions was:

> Our users acquire the IP addresses for their PCs (mostly Win95)
> from our DHCP server. We'd like to enable them to print their
> Sun (Solaris 2.5.1) files on their PC printers. I can figure out
> to the extent that there should be some sort of print server
> program running under Win95. However, I am not very clear
> about how to tell Solaris to print a file on a certain IP address.
> If this is possible, can you tell me how?

The answers:

- need to run an lpd deamon on user pc.
  this can be samba (,
  or pc-nfs of Sun or Niprint
  or lpd which comes with OnNet
  or Windows NT print server

- use admintool to set up the printer on Solaris.

- use WINS server along with DNS server of Microsoft to resolve the
  printer names to the dynamic addresses from the DHCP server.
  (actually this addresses the core of my problem. Unfortunately
  however, I am still stuck because I use the Solaris name servers
  in our network. They don't seem to be capable of cooperating with
  WINS. I haven't checked Samba yet, to see if it provides a solution
  for the dynamic IP. But I don't think it does as this is rather a
  protocol issue than a print server.)


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