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Date: Mon Dec 15 1997 - 18:35:25 CST

Wow, after the summary, i got a bunch more emails, listed in order of

Chris Drake <Chris.Drake@Corp.Sun.COM>
Mary Lou Hinman <maryh@cea.Berkeley.EDU>
Sean Ward <>
Rich Kulawiec <>

Chris pointed out that the patch i specified (102430-02.tar.Z) Did not
actually fix this problem. It was for a different problem alltogether.
Chris, thank you for the info file.

Mary is the one who came up with the concrete answer; I will be appending
the message she sent me at the end. It was exactily what I was looking
for, and tomorrow morning I will apply the fix she mailed me.

Both Sean and Rich went above the call and retrieved the patch for me
from wherever they had it stashed. Fortunatly, I have a couple of other
machines that can use the patch as well :) Thank you both, Gentlemen, and
thank you Rich for your previous help.

Everyone, thank you for your help, it was most timely, and complete.

Merry Christmas everyone,


----- Here is the message Mary sent to me -----

From: Mark Henderson <>
You can increase the number of mbufs in the kernel - but first run
netstat -i and look at the error rate. A high error rate can cause
you to run out of mbufs on a busy machine.
From: Reto Lichtensteiger <>
Yup, mbufs are kernel data structures used to store chunks of network
data (incoming packets). Kernel memory numbers are fixed at compile time
under SunOS 4, so you will need to build a new kernel in order to
allocate a greater number of mbufs:
   /usr/sys/`arch -k`/param.h is the file:
       * MBPOOLBYTES gives the amount of virtual space to reserve for mbuf
       * storage.
      #define MBPOOLBYTES (2*1024*1024)
Change "#define MBPOOLBYTES (2*1024*1024)" to
       "#define MBPOOLBYTES (3*1024*1024)"
and recompile the kernel.
Note that this will, obviously, increase the amount of memory the running
kernel uses...


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