(SUMMARY) Can't get ttyb to work...(in retrospect)

From: MARK SAYER (MSAYER@cuscal.com.au)
Date: Mon Dec 15 1997 - 01:20:00 CST

Weeeell - all my problems with the ttyb have been solved - thank you to
all who replied. The following was my solution.

To get ttyb to do anything, pins 4 & 5 (RTS/CTS used for Hardware Flow
Control which the Sun port is configured to use) must be jumpered...to
do this I used the wisdome kindly provided by Glenn.Satchell@uniq.com.au
who said:

"Try using a paperclip (I'm serious here) to bridge out pins 4 and 5
(these are RTS and CTS) and then try the open, or reading from the port,
etc, while the paperclip is

And yessum - it works...that was the first part....then I had to put a
null modem on the terminal end of the cable (crossover pins 2 & 3,
jumper pins..? can't member now - but it's a standard null modem) and
whala! Comms! The paperclip also came in handy for hanging Celest's
Modem/Terminal Guide (www.stokely.com/stokely - has a neato recipe for
cornbread too - but I havn't had time to try it yet!)

Also like to thank AAJ@necsin.nec.com.sg for suggesting that I pour beer
into ttyb - I tried this - but it didn't help - took me four days with a
blow drier to get rid of all the beer. Thanks Joseph!! 8-P

But big thanks to all who responded = eugene@uniteq.com, Joel Lee, Jim
Harmon, Joseph S D Yao and Casper Dik.

Thanks also to stait@nh2adm2.senecac.on.ca who's account has been moved
to Seneca College's new Email system, and supertim@egon.psy.uga.edu who
is on vacation in Taiwan (Hope you are having a good time Super-Tim!)
=>> (Don't ya love those automatic 'vacation' type programs...specially
when the user is on a mailing list... ;-> )

Also - thanks to INFODOC 11926 provided by Sun (Their Solution to my
problem) which outlined how to set up a login on ttyb (Once I got it
working mind you ;-) <three cheers for after hours support> hehe

Anyway - I best be going - I finished work 1hour & 15mins ago!

Happy Christmas!!


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