SUMMARY: How do you use an ISDN line on sparc 10?

From: David H. Brierley (
Date: Fri Dec 12 1997 - 11:54:18 CST

Thanks to all who responded. The general consensus is that you need to
purchase the "Sun ISDN Enabler software". A couple of people suggested
that I would be better off not using the built-in ISDN port, but that
would require spending more money and I was told to do this as cheap as
possible. A few others questioned wether I knew what I was talking
about and suggested that the connector I was attempting to plug into
was really a twisted pair ethernet connector. Yes, I really do know
what I am talking about. The Sparcstation-10 is unique in that it has
both a twisted pair ethernet connector and an ISDN connector on the
back. As far as I know, no other Sun machine ever came in this

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Otiginal question:

> OK, either I'm trying to analyze this too much or I have my head stuck
> in the sand. Either way, please help me.
> I have a sparcstation 10 with an ISDN connector on the back. The phone
> people are about to run an ISDN line to the machine and then I am supposed
> to create a link to another location using ISDN. How do I do this? Is
> there some special command that I have not been able to find yet or is it
> just a matter of running PPP and telling it to access the ISDN line? I
> need to be able to initiate the connection so I need to somehow get the
> ISDN line to dial the phone number.

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