SUMMARY: Determination of Dump Parameters

From: Cathy Smith (
Date: Fri Dec 12 1997 - 08:51:52 CST


my question was how to determine the dump parameters for a
Sun 14 GB 8mm tape drive. this is the 8mm 8705DX tape drive.
the machine is a Sparc 20 running 4.1.4. i am using the 112m
length tape cartridge which has a compressed capacity of 10 Gby
according to the documentation.

i received the following suggestions:
   1. call Exabyte
   2. look at
   3. experiment with different tape lengths and densities

i had already researched Sun's web site, and not found any information,
neither did Exabyte's web site.

the simple thing was call. it never occurred to me to call Exabyte. tech support
is available free for most products.

the dump parameters to use with the 8 mm tapes to get the compressed capacity are:

   1. 112m length tape
        density 5400
        blocks 126
        size 13000
   2. 160 length tape
        density 5400
        blocks 126
        size 17000

i ran a level 0 backup and got 6.5 Gby without a problem.

thanks to the people who responded:
Evan Brown <>
Marcel Chukwunenye <>



Cathy L. Smith
Dallas Semiconductor
(972) 371-6720

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