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From: Lin Yu (
Date: Tue Dec 10 1996 - 21:43:04 CST

Sun managers,

Not long time ago I posted that the sendmail did not work after I installed DNS. Many people sent me suggestions :-), they are:
Bismark Espinoza [],
Ade Faleti [].
Shouben Zhou [zshouben@PCS.CNU.EDU]
Karl E. Vogel []
Kun Li []

I solved by:
1. Adding a root domain server in our LAN ;-)
2. Delete the DR and CR definations in mail servers to avoid deep loooop.
3. Add DM and CM definations in both mail server and clients.

Thanks a lot.
Lin Yu.

BTW, I am from china and Lin is my family name.

The origion is:
>I got problem in setting
>I am a new system manager and am setting up a SPARC10 using Solaris 2.5.1 as our local >network DNS and Mailhost. The DNS starting file 'named.boot' has set domain to '' and the >primary dns server db file to this domain has been setup as the following and the DNS works: (We >do not using NIS)
>@ IN SOA (
> 1.1
> 10800
> 3600
> 43200
> 86400)
>localhost. IN A 127.1
>* IN MX 0
>sun103 IN A
>sun104 IN A

>And I have copied to and replaced the DR ddn-gate and CR ddn-gate with DR >sun103 and CR sun103, but sendmail does not work. I tried sending mails from sun103 to >, it sent but cannot be received. If I mailed to user@sun103, it works.

>How can I?

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