SUMMARY: Upgrading to 2.6 with DiskSuite?

Date: Wed Dec 10 1997 - 11:04:05 CST

Original inquiry was:

> We're running Solaris 2.5.1 with Disksuite 4.1 installed. The OS
> has many incorporated patches (4/97 release) and current patches. It appears
> that 2.6 comes with the same version of Disksuite. Has anyone installed
> Solaris 2.6 via the "upgrade" path with a similar configuration? Any problems
> encountered? Will I have to reconfigure the meta-devices for Disksuite?
> etc. etc.


Most people stated that they were able to upgrade without any problems
whatsoever. Meta-devices did not have to be reconfigured. However, it is
necessary to comment out the Disksuite meta-devices prior to upgrade, and
to uncomment them afterwards (Ref: Solaris Advanced Installation Guide
2.6 P.26). It is highly recommended to do an initial install instead, as
the 2.6 filesystem has many new features and requires a newfs.


Rick Reineman <> stated:
It is highly recommended in the Solaris documentation to NOT do
an upgrade, do initial install instead. The filesystem for Solaris 2.6
is new&improved. You will only get it's capabilities by running a newfs.
At least for the filesystems that get upgraded.

Mike Blandford <mikey@NMSU.Edu> stated:
We upgraded without any problems. No reconfiguration necessary.
Yes. We never even had to touch disk suite. I think we did
have to comment out the disk suite disks in /etc/vfstab to
get it to go though. After the upgrade, just uncomment them.

Matthew Stier <> stated:
It is my understanding that to do an upgrade with DiskSuite, you basically need
to remove it, and re-install it after the upgrade.

Note: If you take care and do not disrupt the components of metadevices, (except
for the OS partitons of course) you can rebuild the metadevices after the
OS upgrade and reloading/initializing of DiskSuite.

Note: The above note only applies to RAID 0, 1, and 0+1 devices only. Raid 5
devices are re-init everytime they are recreated.

Moshe Meirzadeh <> stated:
Please notice that before upgrade , you MUST comment out metadevices
entries (/dev/md) from /etc/vfstab. (which means that metadevices CANNOT
be upgraed) Ref: Solaris Advanced Installation Guide 2.6 P.26.

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