Summary... sort of: bad blocks, icheck, and Solaris...

From: Daniel Penrod (
Date: Fri Dec 05 1997 - 16:53:05 CST

Looks like you can't get there from here. "icheck" is gone. No one
offered an answer or explanation. Even in Solaris 2.6 it's not there.
A co-oworker suggested I look into "fsdb", the file system debugger
but a man page on fsdb is pretty content-free. I couldn't see the
functionality. If anyone else knows how to use fsdb to find files
given block numbers please let me know and I'll re-summarize.
I suspect the file system of Solaris 2.x must have changed enough
to force Sun stop supporting "icheck", but I don't really know.

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Dan Penrod wrote:

> Hey Managers: > > I got a message at boot time today about a corrupt file system > saying I should run fsck manually. So I run it and it tells me > about 4 consecutive bad blocks. > > I remember a page in my notebook that I wrote down years > ago, maybe 4 years ago (old SunOS days), where I would use "icheck" > to translate a block # to an inode #. Then I would use "ncheck" > to convert the inode # to a file and path... effectively telling me > what files > > are sitting on those bad disk blocks. > > So I check my notes, yup, okay, let's try it... > > % icheck -b 2044512 /dev/dsk/c0t3d0s0 > icheck: command not found > > Huh? What? I've been looking around. It's gone! What'd they > do with "icheck"? Looks like "ncheck" is still here, but no "icheck". > > I'm running Solaris 2.5.1. Is there a replacement for "icheck" under > Solaris? Is there an alternative way to figure out what files are > living > on existing bad blocks under Solaris 2.5.1? I've checked the > Sun Manager Archives and I see others have looked for "icheck" under > Solaris. Someone queried the list about a year ago and someone else > about > a year before that. No SUMMARY though. Anyone have anymore > info on this? > > Thanks, > dan > > > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > > Dan Penrod <> > Network Infrastructure Administrator > Paradyne Corporation > > Dan Penrod > Network Infrastructure Administrator <> > Paradyne Corporation HTML Mail > 8545 126th Ave. N. Work: 813/530-8598 > Largo Fax: 813/530-2480 > FL Netscape Conference Address > 33779 Netscape Conference DLS Server > > USA > Additional Information: > Last Name Penrod > First Name Dan > Version 2.1

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