SUMMARY: Moving multipack between machines

From: Gunnar Orvarsson (
Date: Thu Dec 04 1997 - 05:37:11 CST

Dear Sun Managers,

My original question described a situation where I had to move a multipack
containing Disksuite 4.0 metadevices and state databases from one machine
to another. I wanted how to preserve the metadevices and the file systems
they contained and my main concern was that the state databases would become
invalid if moved directly to the second system, where the name of the disk
controller would be different.

The following contributed to a solution:

Dave Holland -
Richard Roberto -
Jeff Wasilko -
Matthew Stier -
Rick Reineman -
Arthur Darren Dunham -

I also finally managed to find some other useful information in the Sun
Managers Summary Archive on
  1. Moving a Storage Array, August 1997
  2. How to move DiskSuite metadevices from one system to another, Oct 1996

What I did was to create an file on both machines with definitions for
the state databases (mddb01) and metadevices (using the metastat -p command
on the machine where the disks were coming from). These files were
identical, except that c0 was used on one machine and c1 on the other.

I issued the following commands on the machine were the disks were coming

        metaclear -a
        metadb -d -f mddb01

Then I shut down the machine, moved the multipack across and booted with -r.
Then the following commands were issued:

        metadb -a -f mddb01
        metainit -a

followed by a reboot in order to create new state databases and get access
to the metadevices.

This did it for me, but I believe some additional steps or parameters may
be required for others, depending on the type of metadevices involved. I
only had concatenated stripes (no raid-5 or mirrors).

Best regards,

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