ARPA/RARP interface problem Summary

From: Dan Hubbard (
Date: Wed Dec 03 1997 - 18:28:15 CST


The hard disk was corrupted andthe machine could not boot from it so it
then attempts to boot off the network. If you hold down the stop and a keys
together you can then enter the prom mode, boot off of the CDROM, and
re-isntall the OS.

Good thing I have the data backed up :-).

I have a problem with one of our Ultra 1's. It seems there is somehting
wrong wit h the internal ethernet interface. However when I try to boot-up
I get the standard ARP/RARP timout "Use the PROM command".

What is the PROM command and does someone know how to get out of this loop ?

Greatly appreciated...
Dan Hubbard
The Palace Inc.

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