SUMMARY: Automounter and home directories

From: Grant Lowe (
Date: Wed Dec 03 1997 - 08:49:19 CST

Hi all.

First I would like to thank the following people for answering me:

Marc S. Gibian
Josh Huston
David S. Foster
Erwin Fritz
Christophe DIARRA
Casper Dik
John Stoffel

Let me explain our environment. We have (like many I suppose), a
heteroogeneous environment of UNIX and Windows 95/NT machines. The Windows
machines use Exceed to log into the UNIX servers. Turns out, some users
don't type "exit" or "logout" (or whatever); they simply click the small X
in the upper portion of the window. While killing a parent process, this
causes some UNIX child processes to continue on. When I did a ps -ef |
grep user_name and killed these leftover processes, and waited a while,
automounter came back just fine.

Thanks again for the timely responses!



The original post:

Hi all.

I've got a problem that needs a quick resolution. This morning I moved a user from the normal /export/home directory over to our RAID. His new home directory is /export/proj/home. But for whatever reason, when he logs in, he's taken to his old home directory on /export/home. I did a make on /var/yp (we're running NIS under Solaris 2.5.1 on an Ultra 1), after I changed the entry in /etc/auto_home. Any ideas? Thsnks, and I'll summarize.


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