SUMMARY: a download/transfer problem, please help!

From: Umit Dericioglu (
Date: Wed Dec 03 1997 - 11:15:43 CST

Although there were no responders, we've fixed this problem
by applying some patches in addition to the recommended ones
which were already in our system (Solaris 2.5.1). I do not give the
patches here because I am not sure which one fixed it.
But I should say the recommended patches were not enough for
a problem like this which caused us significant trouble.

So I recommend to add more patches than recommended :-)


>Hello Sun Managers,
>We have a strange problem here. When our users try to download e-mail
>thru POP, the process gets so slow (almost hung) if their mailboxes
>contain some certain kind of mail (graphics, uuencoded, or even some
>text mail from certain sites).
>When we try to ftp the same file (inbox file), it is the same
>problem (even in binary mode). It takes very long to transfer even a
>small file (some files which came as a e-mail).
>We've very recently moved to unix e-mail.
>So this is a growing concern for us.
>Our system is a Sun E5000 with Solaris 2.5.1.
>We use Sendmail 8.7.5 instead of the sendmail which came with Solaris.
>Our POP server is the popper installed from PC NFS pro.
>I tend to suspect of a tcp/ip problem in Solaris. So, below are the
>patches applied to our system:
> .......

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