SUMMARY - Sparc & Ultra Compatibility

From: iwallace (
Date: Tue Nov 25 1997 - 13:13:37 CST

Hello all - Many thanks to the folks who wrote back. Once again the answer
could have been obtained from the archives but I was quicker to post than
search - sorry about that.

Question: was is it possible to take a boot disk out of a Sparc20 and put it
in an Ultra and run from it - senza modifications.

Answer: No.

Reasons: 1. Architectures are different ( Sparc20 sun4m, while Ultra sun4u)
            Going along with that the /dev, /devices, and /usr/platform stuff
            would also be different (incompatible)
         2. Bootblks are different. Sparc20's also boot from scsi id 3, while
            Ultra's boot from scsi id 0.
         3. The disks have different physical mounting hardware

Thanks to ... (Gary Richardson)
 Tim Carlson <>
 Benjamin Cline <>
 Jafar Shameem <Jafar.Shameem@East.Sun.COM> (Russ Poffenberger)
 Matthew Stier <>
 Dan Brainard <>
 Ju-Lien Lim <>
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 Stephen Harris <> (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
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