SUMMARY: arch dependent vs. independent

From: Frank Cusack (
Date: Fri Nov 21 1997 - 09:35:35 CST

Thanks to Casper Dik for the following:

> In SunOS 4.x, the include files differed among architectures.
> There was a link "/usr/include/machine" which linked to "../kvm/machine",
> which in turn would be a link to /usr/include/sun4{,m,c}.
> In Solaris 2.x, all systems use the exact same set of include files and
> all the general structure of the kernel is identical on all (proc, user, etc
> strutures are all the same)
> Programs using /usr/platform/sun4*/include would be architecture dependent
> (this is the part that does the low level VM stuff), but hardly any program
> uses it (I havent' come across any) as typically the information you want
> is higher level than that or available through /dev/kstat or /proc.

(Almost everything is arch. independent under Solaris).

Original question was:

>Does anyone have a list of software that is arch dependent under Solaris
>(2.6)? I had always thought that (eg) top was arch dependent, yet
>on they have a single file. I compiled the source and
>it runs on 4m & 4c (haven't tried 4u).
>I'm specifically interested in knowing if any of the following are
>dependent or independent:
>gcc (what about fixincludes?)
>top (apparently, this is independent)

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