SUMMARY: VxVM Resize problem

From: Anil Ganju (
Date: Wed Nov 19 1997 - 12:38:05 CST

Thanks very much to:

Glenn Satchell
Jim McVey
Mark A. Baldwin
Mike Zeleznik
James P. Eddinger
Roger Klorese
Ning Lu
Alun P. Gwynne

I really appreciate all your responses. My problem was as follows:

> Hi everyone,
> I ran into some trouble resizing (growing) filesystems under Veritas VxVM
> 2.3 and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. The
> Veritas Volume Manager User's Guide that comes with the SSA100 is usually
> quite helpful but in the case of resizing volumes/filesystems it is not
> very detailed. Also tried checking some of the FAQ's but with no luck.
> Operating environment is SS1000, 2 disk arrays (SSA 100), Solaris 2.4. I
> added additional disks to the disk arrays and tried growing some of the
> existing volumes (for e.g. /export) by 2GB. The volumes now show these
> disks (subdisks) have been added to the volume but when I remount the
> filesystem I do not see the additional 2GB of space. I have probably
> a step somewhere along the way. Any ideas where I could have gone wrong
> does anyone know where I could find the exact steps involved in
> (growing) a volume under VxVM?
The answer was pretty simple (and obvious), except I did not take the time
to investigate that there was a "resize" function under File Systems and
Volumes also in Volume Manager. I had resized the volume, but not the
filesystem. After using the resize function under Filesystems I saw the
additional 2GB in /export.

Thanks again to all of you, especially for the quick responses.


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