SUMMARY: Enterprise 3000: hme message repeating

From: Eric Stewart (
Date: Tue Nov 18 1997 - 13:48:22 CST

On Tue, 18 Nov 1997, I blathered forth:

> I have a fresh out of the box Enterprise 3000 (yes, I've put in a
> service call but something keeps bugging me that this is just a simple
> fix-able problem). The system (during boot up and during software
> installation) keeps repeating this message ad naseum:
> SUNW,hme0: 100Mbps half-duplex Link Up
> SUNW,hme0: Using Internal Transceiver
> Yes, if I unplug the ethernet this message stops, but leaving it
> off of the network is not an option at the moment... ;)
> Any ideas? Bueller?

        So far I've gotten much help with suggestions of checking my
switch/hubs and cabling, as well as reconfiguring the system to not
autodetect or configuring it to full duplex, if possible.
        I don't think it's the cabling; first off, this is new cabling
(which yes I did suspect immediately) but I swapped cables with one of my
three other machines (an Ultra1, 2, and a sparc20, running as servers
either with 2.5.1 or 2.6) and they did not complain while the Enterprise
3000 still did. All machines are using the same group of hubs, if not the
same hub (and hence, the same segment/port on switch).
        Sun Support is going to come out tomorrow and switch out the I/O
board (for $50K, they better have onsite warranty!) and we'll see what
happens. If all else fails, I'll probably disable autodetect but keep on
Sun to give me a straight simple answer...
        Thanks for all the responses!

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