SUMMARY: DNS error on Sun 4.1.4

From: Cathy Smith (
Date: Mon Nov 17 1997 - 14:17:44 CST


the original question was:

> i am setting up a DNS subdomain using the perl h2n script. this is
> a very small set up, 12 machines, running Sun OS 4.1.4 and the
> version of bind shipped with that - 4.8.something.
> i am new to this site (2 weeks on the job) and just learning my way
> around. the only version of nslookup available is Sun's /usr/etc/nslookup.
> apparently there is no version of dig available, nor has nslookup
> been recompiled. so rebuilding bind is a top priority. however,
> i need to resolve a DNS lookup issue very quickly. since i don't
> have adequate tools yet, i thought someone here might have encountered
> this problem: i can rlogin and telnet using the host name, but
> i can not rlogin using the IP address. telnet using the IP address
> works correctly.

nslookup will map the IP number to host name. the way to do this
was in the BIND FAQ that is located at:

this showed that my configuration, at least within the subdomain is
correct. i've included the relevant part from the FAQ. according
to several people, rlogin does not support IP address. so nothing
was wrong there and i guess that i can believe the man page.

now the next step to to find out why my parent domain is having
problems resolving clients in my subdomain.

thanks very much to everyone who responde:

Eric M. Stone <>
Gary Richardson <>
Bismark Espinoza <>
Chan Cao <>
David Wolfskill <>
Claus Assmann <>
Joel Turoff <>


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> ---------------------------------------------------------------------- > > 5.2 Getting number to name mappings > > Nslookup defaults to finding you the Address of the name specified. > For reverse lookups you already have the address and you want to find > the name that goes with it. If you read and understood the bit above > where it describes how to create the number to name mapping file, you > would guess that you need to find the PTR record instead of the A > record. So you do the following. > > > set type=ptr > > > Server: > Address: > > host name = > > > > nslookup tells you that the ptr for the machine name > points to the host >

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