[Summary]: Emergency: Help boot problem

From: Nicci Roth (nicci@orincon.com)
Date: Fri Nov 14 1997 - 16:38:12 CST

I sent this last night but didn't put summary in the subject line.
Anyway, here's the details as I know them now.

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Wales Wong wrote:

> My $0.02 is to take at look at /etc/rc2.d. In my case, sendmail is
> right after starting print services. Please check to see if there is
> configuration probelm in sendmail.

Hi again,

This was the email that set me to thinking. In the recommeded patches
there's a sendmail patch. I, unfortunately, had backed out almost all
of the
patches by the time I got this. However, with all the patches gone, the

machine booted right up. I guess I'll set off to install them one by
one -
just to be sure.

Thank you so much for all of your help - it was appreciated.

Thanks to:

Wales Wong <wawong@ouhk.edu.hk>
Amol Karnik <amol@memcad.com>
Jim Harmon <jim@telecnnct.com>
Robert Bays <robert@ironlight.com>

Finally ... I get to go home.

Nicci Roth

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I want to also thank you for the emails I received this morning:

"pod inetd" <the_kart@hotmail.com>
 bismark@alta.Jpl.Nasa.Gov (Bismark Espinoza)
Charlie Mengler <charliem@anchorchips.com
Chan Cao <CCao@exapps.com>
"Coffindaffer, Virginia" <Virginia.Coffindaffer@wang.com
Mike Youngberg <mikey@synacom.com>
Stefan Voss <s.voss@terradata.de>
Tom E Smith <tesmit1@tessa.monsanto.com>
"K.Ravi" <RAVKRISH.IN.oracle.com.ofcmail@in.oracle.com>
Leo Crombach <lcrombach@tropel.com>
Gwynne, Alun P" <Alun.Gwynne@capgemini.co.uk>
"Joseph S. D. Yao" <jsdy@cais2.cais.com>
Deepak D Wilson <Deepak_D_Wilson@notes.seagate.com>

(I hope I didn't forget anyone)

There were several thoughts that it was an NFS problem, many people
suggested adding echos to the rc2.d scripts that start up after print
services and a few did recommend backing out the patches. I did take
the cowards way out, I backed out every patch and it booted just fine.
I will install them one by one to see wherin the problem lies.

Thanks again, this list is great!


Nicci Roth
Systems Administrator
Orincon Corporation

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