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>I'm looking for a command that will get me the microcode version and the
>eprom version numbers. Is there something I can do without halting the
>machine and checking from there? This is a SparcServer1000 running
>Solaris 2.4.

>Chad Smith

I got the following suggestions:

1. Have you tried using the command 'eeprom'? Also you can use '/usr/sbin/prtconf -pv'

2. There's a package, sysinfo, that may do what you want. Get it from

3. Try prtconf -V ( This will give you openboot Prom Version)

4. Do you mean open boot prom version ? If yes, then "prtconf -vp | grep OBP" should help.

5. "sysinfo" -- should be available at or thereabouts.

6. Check out the following tools. They'll get you at least the ROM version.

7. Check out the article "Five Tools Every Sun Manager Should Have" in
the Sun-Manager's archives; it explains "sysinfo" and why you want it
for occasions like this.

8. Eeprom versions are pretty much fixed within each model. A SS1000 has
an eeprom version of 2.something. If you are quick you could go to the
console type L1 (Stop function key) and A to halt the system, type
'banner' at the ok prompt and then 'go' to continue where you left

9. try /etc/prtconf -vp | grep OBP

10. There is an eeprom command, I don't know if it will give you
the version though. You can do a L1-A, type in "banner", then
type in "go". The system only halts as long as it takes you to type
banner then go.

11. You could try the public-domain tool called sysinfo. Also, prtconf -v can tell you a lot about certain devices.

12. I think if you check carefully the o/p of 'prtconf -v -p' (there's
lots of it) you will find some of what you want. Its rather cryptic
but for example my eprom version is: 'OBP 3.5.0 1997/01/06 17:59'.
The OBP stands for Open Boot Prom.

13. i dont know if this will be usefull,but pl.. try
you can usr a command after logging into the system,it is /usr/kvm/eeprom
and tere is a entry called "hardware-revision" check
or when the system is working also you can go to ok> prompt by pressing
stop-a and type ok>banner this will give the info,but pl.. note system
will hang till you are in ok> prompt ,to restore type ok>go and return key
you will go back to OS..

The one I went with was to L1-A the server and type banner, followed by "go". It was exhilarating to be able to do that to our main Sybase server with no ill effects (I went to lunch immediately afterword), and I got the information I needed. Thanks to
the following for their responses:

Kris Briscoe
Chris Marble
Arora, Samir
Joel Lee
David Wolfskill
Karl E. Vogel
Rich Kulawiec
Glenn Satchell
Sanjay Patel
Rick Reineman
Birger A. Wathne
Roy Culley


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