SUMMARY: mirroring product and new related question

From: Derko Drukker (
Date: Fri Nov 14 1997 - 05:03:17 CST

****** Thanks to too many people to name individually:

Solstice Online DiskSuite, which is part of Solaris.
It is widely believed to disappear in the near future.
Most people think it is easy to install and robust.

Veritas Volume Manager. Is not part of Solaris but comes with a Storage Array
can be purchased seperately. Is also considered a good product.

******* Original question:

What is Solaris' equivalent for HP-UX MirrorDisk/UX, the software that
your filesystem to mirror ?
And what are your experiences with mirroring under Solaris ?

******* New question:

Do I have to purchase Storage Array to do mirroring or can I get along with
just disks.
What about mirroring of the root-disk. Is it common practice ? Any
experiences ?

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