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Date: Thu Nov 13 1997 - 12:51:10 CST

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The original question:

>>>>> "Colin" == Colin J Wynne <> writes:

    Colin> After two power failures in the last few months, the
    Colin> powers-that-be finally believe me when I tell them we ought
    Colin> to hook the primary server up to a UPS. Are there any
    Colin> compatibility considerations I need to know about? I need
    Colin> to hook up a Sparc 10 (Solaris 2.5.1) with a bunch of
    Colin> drives, and would appreciate any of the collected wisdom
    Colin> out there, as well as suggestions on where to buy.

True to form, this list provided me with almost two dozen answers
before I even got to work this morning. Everytime I think the signal
to noise ratio on the net is getting too abysmal, I just need to send
a question off to you guys...

Anyway, far and away the most common recommendation was APC
(, which by all reports makes very reliable UPSs.
They also have software called PowerChute to manage regulated
shutdowns. Other recommendations were given for Best Power and Exide.

Raymond Rodebaugh <> added some additional

> [...] another department in this institution gave us a larger UPS
> that they didn't need. The fringe magnetic fields were so large
> from the device that it distorted the monitors when in the same room
> as the computers.

Jim Harmon <> very helpfully provided some guidelines
for sizing a UPS, too. Instead of including his entire message, I'll
point out that APC has a webpage which will help you do the same
thing, on the site mentioned above. The specific URL is

Anyway, it looks like I will be looking into an APC Smart-UPS 1400,
which seems to run just shy of $700, and the software which goes for a
little over $100.

Thanks to everybody for the help.


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