SUMMARY: Can't mount floppy

From: Anja Mitchell (
Date: Mon Nov 10 1997 - 16:01:32 CST

My problem was:

> I've got a Sparc 10 with a floppy drive which I am trying to use. However,
> after I issue the volcheck command the floppy does not get mounted. vold is
> running and I am under the impression that it should get mounted
> automatically. What do I have to do?
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Anja

The solution: the floppy didn't have a file system on it, but a cpio file,
and vold does not mount a floppy with no filesystem on it. However it does
get "mounted" in /vol/dev/rdiskette0, so I was able to extract it with

"cpio -icBdu < /vol/dev/rdiskette0/unlabeled"

Thank you to everyone who answered,I really appreciated it, especially
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