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From: Troy Wollenslegel (
Date: Wed Nov 05 1997 - 09:57:55 CST

Many thanks to Adriano Lacerda
This is the info we needed. We have not rebooted the system since it
came online, hopefully it will still work after reboot

Original post:
Does anyone have any experience running Firewall 1 on an Ultra 1 with
ATM. We are trying to put the firewall on an ATM only segment and the
ATM cards SMC(Efficient) are not working right, the system hangs when
the ATM card tries to get started. The ATM cards to work in other
Solaris 2.5.1. boxes.

Any pointers would be helpful. So far sun, checkpoint, and SMC are not.

If anyone has ATM cards that DO work with firewall 1, please let me know
and we will go that route.

> I am using the SUNATM 2.1 on an Ultra 1 with Firewall 1 (3.0)
> with solaris 2.5, it works Ok.
> the switch ATM is the centillion from Bay Networks.
> with SUNATM 2.1 we have two files config the atmconfig and the
> laneconfig.
> if your Ultra can works with ATM without the Firewall the problam
> maybe when the Firewall modify the Kernel try
> fwstop
> /usr/sbin/rem_drv fw
> /usr/sbin/add_drv -m "* 0600 root bin" fw
> fwstart

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