SUMMARY : refusing FTP access to a user

From: George Papaioannou - SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR (
Date: Tue Nov 04 1997 - 11:58:44 CST

Thanks to all who answered ( they were many ! ).
Next time I think I should search in the man pages
more carefully.

The original question was :

>How is is it possible to refuse access via FTP to a
>stand-alone Solaris 2.5.1 machine on specific users ?
>Could I add an entry to the /etc/hosts.deny or should
>I do something else ?

All answers were almost identical:

Try to add his or her name into /etc/ftpusers.

Additional information ( thanks to Ricardo Ferraro G. da Silva ).

->These names are refused by at least wu-ftpd 2.4.

Thanks again.

George Papaioannou - System Administrator
Department of Informatics
University of Athens

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