SUMMARY: Kingstin memory on SUN E4000?

From: Duffy Men (
Date: Fri Oct 31 1997 - 16:32:25 CST

Thank youfor so many people give me the answer. I summarize as following:

           1. All of the people who answaer my question and said they use Kingston memory

              give me very positive answer. Only one person said they use kingston memory
              on Sparc 1000E and have ECC error.

           2. Kingston sales person told me there product are 100% compatible to
              Sun's memory abd life time warranty.

           3. SUN support contract will NOT cover Kingston memory. If you have problem
              happen, before you call SUN support engineer take out Kingston memory and
              test again. Because If SUN find problem come from Kingston memory, they
              will charge you.

My original post:

> We have SUN Ultra Sparc E4000 computer. We plan to add more RAM to this
> computer. We are thinking purchase Kingston memory instead of SUN's
> memory. I have following questions need your opinion:

> 1. Does anyone have problem use Kingston memory??
> 2. Does Kingston memory 100% compatible with SUN Ultra computer?
> 3. Does SUN maintenance contract also cover Kingston memory?
>Thank you for help.

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