SUMMARY !2!: Linking /tmp to another directory/disk

From: Harry Ford (
Date: Thu Oct 30 1997 - 09:48:35 CST

*I* wrote in my previous summary:
>For my purposes, at least, I think I can live with /tmp just pointing to
>/var/tmp where /var is a partition on the same disk as root.

I spoke too soon:

A few kind souls have written to me explaining that the above is a bad idea
for the following reasons (as explained by Frank Cusack <>):

1: /tmp is cleared out on reboot, /var/tmp is persistent ... Programs write
   temp data they DO care about across failures into /var/tmp. eg: vi -r

2: /var should (like /tmp) NEVER share a partition with /. Data
   in /var is known to grow and grow, and potentially become VERY large.
   eg: print jobs.

Frank also reccomends a separate partition for both /var and /tmp -- this
was hinted to in previous emails sent to me originally, but it didn't quite
sink in...

In addition, Rich Kulawiec <> wrote in response to my mentioning
tmpfs support in SunOS:

>No kernel modifications are necessary unless you have *already* done
>modifications and ripped out TMPFS support -- in which case you have
>to put it back in. This a matter of uncommenting a single line and
>rebuilding the kernel. If you've done the former, then you know
>how to do the latter.
>The modification to /etc/fstab are trivial; adding:
> swap /tmp tmp rw 0 0
>is all that's necessary.

then just uncomment the "mount /tmp" line in rc.local.

Thanks to all for their extended answers to this question,

Harry Ford  *   *   Market News Service, New York

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