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Date: Tue Oct 28 1997 - 13:55:33 CST


This is to summarize the answer to my question which I posted yesterday.
Special thanks to James Wendling who provided the following answer.
Thanks also to Kris Briscoe who was first to respond. I put the
question after Wendling's correct answer which worked %100 for me.
 The thing I found was that in Solaris several
>devices get set to be owned by the user who logs in on the console and
>mode is 600. I found that if I su'd to root and changed the mode to
666, then
>su'd to the new account, everything worked.
  The devices are below so you could create a little
>script to do it for you as root:

>/devices/sbus@1,f8000000/cgsix@3,0:cgsix0 (this may be different
depending on
> your graphics card)
>The following two I didn't change the mode of but they most likely need
to be
>if you want sound:
>> I am an admin. running a network once dedicated to SunOS 4.1, but now
>> the process of upgrading to Solaris 2.5. One of the features I
>> in SunOS was the ability to login on any terminal on the network and
>> Control-c before going into OpenWindows, perform a su to become root,
>> and then as root issue another su - xxx ( where xxx represents any
>> on the network ) and enter OpenWindows as xxx where all of that
>> personalized environment settings, icons, and colors would appear.
>> it hasn't worked for me on Solaris 2.5.
>> Is there some variable in a system file that I need to tweak?

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