Summary: hostname.le0 disappears from jumpstart

Date: Wed Oct 22 1997 - 10:17:21 CDT

Original Question:
> Sun M's,
> For some reason we are having problems with newly built clients (from
> jumpstart) losing their hostname.le0 file. When this occurs they cannot
> communicate with the network upon reboot. Even though this problem can
> be circumvented by "ifconfig le0 -plumb" and adding a hostname.le0 file
> manually, I cannot figure out why jumpstart has started to misbehave.
> Our configuration is:
> Client - Sparc 5, Solaris 2.4
> Jumpstart Server - Sparc 10, Solaris 2.3
> All NIS+ servers (masters and replicas) - Sparc 10, Solaris 2.4
> Client, Jumpstart Server, and NIS+ servers are all on the same subnet
> The system seems to boot correctly when issued "boot net - install" from
> the PROM. It loads the OS without any errors. It loses its network
> config upon reboot. I am 99% sure that this is due to the machine not
> receiving a hostname.le0 file during jumpstart. I have no idea what
> portion of jumpstart creates this file.
> I can make our jumpstart scripts create this file, but jumpstart used to
> work correctly without having to do this. Perhaps there is a problem
> with NIS+, but some of these hosts have been previously built with
> jumpstart without running into this problem.

The solution to the problem was provided by Casper Dik. He replied:

This is a probem with exporting the jumpstart directory r/w with root
access from a disk rather than a CD. Export read-only.

(you'll find the hostname.le0 file on the CD image on disk)

This is a known bug in jumpstart.


Sure enough, one of the guys I work with had moved some software to the
same disk as the Solaris images and decided to change the way the disk
was shared (he changed it to read-write). Changing it back to
read-only, anon=0 fixed the problem.

Thanks Casper!!

Dan Freedman

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