SUMMARY: HELP!! Upgrade to Solaris 2.6, ARCINFO do NOT work ???

From: Duffy Men (
Date: Fri Oct 17 1997 - 14:45:40 CDT

My original post:

>I upgrade SUN SPARC computer from SOLARIS 2.5.1 to SOLARIS 2.6. After
>upgrade, I reboot the system and following message come up:
> ARC/INFO License Manager fired up...
> License manager:socket: invalid argument
>The ARCINFO version is 7.1.1. Anyone know how to fix it?? Thank you for

Thank you for tha answer. Most of the answer does not fixed my problem. I call
ESRI tech. support engineer, they told me their has a bug on SOLARIS 2.6 ans SUN
work on that. He also give me a way to pass around (list on the bottom). I
call SUN tech. support tried to know the patch is come out or not? Sun support
engineer told me "they don't know anthing about that" and they have NO relationship
with ESRI. The following is the document from ESRI tech. support:


Please be aware that SUN has started shipping Solaris 2.6
which contains a bug that breaks FLEXlm for ARC/INFO 7.1.1,
ArcView 3.0a and SDE 3.0, and earlier versions of these products
that use FLEXlm. Users are unable to start the license manager
and thus are unable to run our software.

SUN is aware of the problem and is actively working on it with Globetrotter
Software (the producer of FLEXlm).

In the meantime, ESRI recommends Solaris 2.5.x users hold off on
moving to Solaris 2.6 until SUN has fixed the problem or until they
upgrade to ARC/INFO 7.1.2.

This fix is for users who have already upgraded to Solaris 2.6, or must upgrade
for some other reason.

Please follow these instructions to install the files.

1) Connect to ftp site
2) Login name: anonymous

3) Password: your e-mail address

4) Navigate to /pub/techsupport/sol2_6

5) Set "bin" mode

6) type: get license_fix.tar.Z

7) terminate ftp connection

8) copy license_fix.tar.Z to $ARCHOME/sysgen

9) shutdown license manager if running

10) cd to $ARCHOME/sysgen and rename the ESRI, lmutil, and lmgrd files
   to some other name (ie. mv ESRI ESRI.old)
11) type: uncompress license_fix.tar.Z

12) type: tar xvf license_fix.tar

13) restart license manager

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