Summary updated: "Can't open /dev/rdiskette: Device busy" in mtools

Date: Wed Oct 15 1997 - 21:09:15 CDT


Thanks to Matthew Stier reply, mtools can actually work with vold.

./configure --enable-vold

before make the mtools.


> Hi,
> Thanks to the many sun-manager replies, the problem is due to
> the running volume manager.
> Shutting down the volume manage may not a good solution, as it
> may also disable CDROM reading.
> As volume manager can take care of the floppy disk, we may just use it:
> put MSDOS floppy in drive
> type "volcheck"
> type "ls /floppy"
> When you're finished type "eject floppy"
> For those who still need to stick on mtools for some reason, they may just
> commenting out the floppy line in /etc/vold.conf and restart the vold.


Alan S. H. Lam
Department of Information Engineering, CUHK, Hong Kong

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