SUMMARY: /var/spool/tmp filling up

From: Stephen Johnston (
Date: Sun Oct 12 1997 - 04:13:12 CDT

Thanks to all who responded;

Original Question:
> Hi All
> /var/spool/lp/tmp is filling up with old requests, some of which seem to have
> the file copied locally and some usse the default link behaviour. OS is 2.5.1
> machine is an E3000 patches installed are many.


> Print requests that come from another system, or are created by piping
> to the stdin of lp create a separate copy of the file in the spool
> directory. There's not much you can do about that unfortunately.

> A lot of applications that create temporary files to be printed use lp
> -c to copy them and then they delete the temporary file. THey have to
> do it this way because otherwise they have no way of knowing when it's
> safe to delete the file.


> I have the same problem with it filling up...

> In my case, an "lpstat -o" will clean old
> entries up, but I'd like to know why it won't do it automatically.

Personally I have done the latter and put 'lpstat -o' in a cronjob on the
culprit machines. However I would also like to klnow why this happens in the
first place :)



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