SUMMARY: /tmp growing dynamically

From: Jonathan Loh (
Date: Fri Oct 10 1997 - 22:08:57 CDT

        This summary is dedicated to those who either forget or just
plain didn't know.

I asked if anyone had a clue to why /tmp was dynamically increaing and

The answer was tmp was using tmpfs. tmpfs shares between swap and the
partion using tmpfs in this and most cases it is /tmp. The more swap
space that the system needs the more space it will take from /tmp.

Thanks to:
Glenn Satchell
Marc Gibbian
Jerry Springer
Virginia Coffindaffer
Russ Poffenberger
Rich Kulawiec
David Wolfskil
Deepak Wilson
Dieter Gobbers
Birger Wathne
Rick incher
Bob Bridgham
Christopher Barnard
Michael Bauman
Oleg Olovyamikov
Tim Carlson
Casper Dik
John Reynolds
Tim Pointing

Sorry if I misspelled anyone's name.

Jonathan Loh
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