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This list is the best. Three people replied to my query, and two of them
took the trouble to enter into a many-message correspondence with me.
Sincere thanks to all three.


I've been trying with scant success to get Sun (telephone, WWW site,...)
to tell me what software is bundled into, and what software is excluded
from, each of the many varieties of Solaris 2.5.1.

        Solaris Desktop
         Solaris Base Server
         Solaris Workgroup Server
         Solaris Application Server
         Solaris Enterprise Server
         Solaris Software Developer's Kit
         Solaris Driver Developer's Kit
Does anybody out there know? Or know where the information can be got?

Daniel Baker <>

Call 1-800-SUNSOFT and 1-800-USE-SUNX

Rick Reineman <>

Have you tried your friendly local Sun sales person? Or how about
SunExpress (800) 873-7869?

Glenn Satchell <>

The Solaris CD is the same CD in the Desktop or Server kit. When using
this CD it doesn't prompt you for any of the other CD's - they're all
extra packages that you install individually. So you can still build a
"server" config using the CD from the desktop kit.

The extra CD's you get with the Solaris 2.5.1 "server" kit include:

CDE 1.0.2
Wabi 2.2
Solstice Disksuite 4.0
* Solstice Backup 4.2 (aka Legato Networker)
Administrator Answerbook
Solaris NIS Server Kit
* Solstice Adminsuite
Hardware CD - answerbook, SunVTS (diagnostics)
* Solarnet PC Protocol Services 1.1

* == requires a license from Sun, you just get the software.

I've included the announcement message from last year that describes
everything you get.

Note that with Solaris 2.6 there is only one kit that ships and you are
trusted to only install the desktop stuff if you buy a desktop license :-)

**** NOTE **************************************************************
The Sun document that G.S. sent me is much longer than what you see
here. I removed all the parts that don't pertain to my question, and
also a lot of needless whitespace. -fp
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A Field Communications Vehicle E-mail comments to
Q4FY96 #14 April 16, 1996
                           SOLARIS 2.5.1

Q. What is included in the Solaris Media Kit?
A. Sun offers two media kits for Solaris: Desktop and Server.
   The Desktop Media kit contains:
    - Solaris 2.5.1 CD
      SunOS(TM), ONC+(TM), NFS(TM), ToolTalk(TM), NIS+, Desktop
      AdminTool, JumpStart(TM), CacheFS(TM), OpenWindows(TM),
      DeskSet(TM), and the on-line version of the End User
      AnswerBook documentation
    - SMCC Solaris 2.5.1 Update CD
      SyMON 1.0, Energy Star 2.5.1, SunVTS 2.0 diagnostic tool, and the
      SMCC AnswerBook on-line documentation
    - Solaris Desktop 1.1 CD
      Wabi 2.2, CDE 1.0.2 plus CDE AnswerBook, and Open Database
      Connectivity (ODBC) Driver Manager
    - Installation documentation in hard copy form for desktop users,
      plus reference materials for OpenWindows and CDE
    - Solaris 2.5.1 Binary Code License and Wabi license agreement
   The Server Media Kit contains:
    - All CDs and documentation included in the Desktop media kit
    - Server Supplement CD
      SolarNet PC Protocol Services 1.1 (IPX/SPX stack), NIS Kit 1.2,
      System Administrator's AnswerBook documentation on-line
    - Solstice AdminSuite CD
      Solstice AdminSuite 2.2, Solstice Print Manager, and Solstice
      AnswerBook on-line documentation
    - Solstice DiskSuite 4.0 CD
    - Solstice Backup 4.2 (Single Server version)
    - Installation documentation in hard copy form for system
    - Solaris 2.5.1 Binary Code License, Wabi license agreement, and
      Solstice Single Server Backup License


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