SUMMARY: ufsdump/Sol 2.5/8mm

From: Coats, Chris (
Date: Mon Oct 06 1997 - 16:02:09 CDT

First, thanks again to all who responded to my questions...

         Matthew Atkinson[]
         Christophe DIARRA[]
         Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional
         Jason Keltz[]
         Chris Tubutis[]
         David Wolfskill[][][][]
         Peter L. Buschman[][][]

...most of whom were extremely generous with their dump scripts (it'll
take me several days to look through them all)...sorry to anyone who i
inadvertantly left off the list...


Regarding my second question, there wasn't a whole lot of
feedback....however I did receive the following reply from Mr. Glenn
Satchell in response to that question:

> Along the same
> lines, I've read in the Sunmanager's archives where there is a problem
> with the Solaris 2.x SCSI tape driver that
> necessitates the need for the /dev/rmt/0bn (BSD compatibile)
> device...can somebody elaborate on this?

Never had this second problem. We do backups across the net all the
time and always just use the 0n device, never needed to use the BSD
compatability stuff.


Once again, thanks to all who responded.... -cjc

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Senior Systems Engineer - GTE Government Systems Corp.
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