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From: Craig Faasen (
Date: Fri Sep 26 1997 - 06:41:25 CDT

A number of people expressed interest in this so I decided to summarize
back to the list - sorry for the delay.

Thanks to all of those who replied to my original question :

> The Sun-managers Welcome message mentions the Sun-Nets mailing list :
> > Sun-Nets: networking sun workstations
> > add requests
> > submissions
> Some time ago, I have sent add requests to sun-nets-request but have
> received no response and have not yet seen any postings to the list.
> Does anyone know if this list is active, or if there are any other
> mailing lists (or one of the comp.sys.sun newsgroups) that deal
> specifically with Sun networking issues ?

The responses ranged from :
"I think sun-nets has been closed for about 5 years now." to
"It's active, responses can take half a day or so." to
"The list is active (I am a member of it)."

I have still yet to receive any response from sun-nets so I assume that
it is indeed closed (I notice that sun-nets was not listed under
"Subject: 1.5) What other forums are there for Suns?" in the most recent
FAQ that was posted to the Sun Managers list).

Anyway, while I'm here, I'd like to ask a question related to high
collision rates on Ethernet interfaces (I found a similar question in
the archives but could not locate the answer). On our network (which is
admittedly seriously overloaded right now), the number of collisions (as
calculated from 'netstat -i') on our SunOS 5.5.1 machines at least
double that compared to those running SunOS 4.1.x. In both cases, the
machines in question are varied (ranging from SS2 to Ultra-1).

We are in the process of installing intelligent switches to relieve some
the network congestion and provide better throughput to the servers and
I am hoping that the issue of high collisions will become academic.
Nevertheless, I'm very curious about this and would welcome any

Best regards,

-- craig

Craig Faasen
Dialog Semiconductor GmbH

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