SUMMARY: Solaris 2.6 Printing Problem

From: D. Stew McLeod (
Date: Thu Sep 25 1997 - 10:54:37 CDT

Solution found.

Thanks to the following people who responded:

   Rick von Richter
   David Wolfskill
   Karl Vogel

Mr original query:

Problem: Printing text files to a postscript printer on Solaris 2.6
machine. Text files do not print, postscript files are okay.

I had this problem in the old 2.5 world but fixed it by modifying the
/etc/lp/interfaces/<print-name> file (I put TYPE=PS). I have checked
the man pages and answerbook for the /etc/printers.conf file for 2.6 but
can find no obvious (keyword there) solution to my problem.

Anybody know how to fix this?


The solution, provided by David Wolfskill

If the printer is an HP LaserJet, with a JetDirect Ethernet interface,
try defining the printer (to the UNIX box) as "printer!text" (that is,
printer "text" reachable from "print server" "printer").

That hack is mentioned in a Web page somewhere at

If it's not a JetDirect, ignore the above.

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