SUMMARY: Backing up millions of files

Date: Thu Sep 25 1997 - 10:26:00 CDT

     Bit over due this original query :-
     I have a requirement to backup a a large amount of smallish files,
     approximately 2 million averaging 5K in size (roughly 10GB worth).
     I don't want to backup the whole partition using ufsdump and tar takes
     too long (about a day) what would be the quickest method of doing
     this, I presume some sort of block dump as opposed to file orientated.
     A number of people suggested incremental backups and staging area
     scenarios what I really wanted was a means of backing the whole lot up
     to one tape for simple storage and retrieval. The answer was simple to
     use ufsdump on the area in question e.g.
     ufsdump 0f /dev/rmt/0 /data/images
     Should have tried this but I had always been under the impression
     ufsdump worked on partitions as opposed to individual directories.
     Many Thanks to all those who replied
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