Summary: 2.6 install-reboot

From: Kalambakal, Vickey M. (Kalambakal@Courier6.Aero.Org)
Date: Wed Sep 24 1997 - 12:29:00 CDT


Thank you to Jim Harmon, Joel Lee, David Moline and Trent MacDougall, who
replied to my question:
  We have a brand new Sun Ultra 30, and are attempting to install the Solaris
  2.6 OS on it. We are using an older Sun CDRom drive. The Ultra keeps
  rebooting! It reads from the CDRom, but when it gets to the copyright line,
  it reboots. Can anyone offer advice?

The answer is that a Sun Ultra 30 can only respond to a direct connection on
a CDrom that is either 4x or 12x speed. (an NFS-mounted CD Rom drive of
other speeds will probably work for ordinary SW installs, though.)

Jim Harmon suggested using another system and the installserver option.
(setting the boot parameter to net and providing correct HW address). But as
we don't have a 2.6 system set up, this probably won't work for us. We are
borrowing a new CD Rom to do the install instead.

Thanks again!

Vickey Kalambakal

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